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Misato's Fan Art

This is a collection of my art...don't laugh! I try hard...I just haven't been doing it that long. BTW..if you have some art you'd like to add to this collection...send it on over. I'd love to make the room for ya! it is......again..please don't least not to loud....

Asukaf~2.jpg (69457 bytes)Asukaf~3.jpg (69472 bytes)

These two were done by me. They look similar, but the second one was edited in photoshop just for kicks!

misatofanart.jpg (49167 bytes)

Again...another one by me. is a self portrait..hehehe

svenusfanart.JPG (70546 bytes)

And yet another done by me. Ok...this was supposed to be Sailor Venus (from a manga art book), but it didn't turn out just right.

smfantrace2.JPG (66111 bytes)

HEY! I traced this one...that is why it looks better than the rest.....Too bad Mina looks like she has a black eye..hehehe. As is obvious....this one was edited with color using photoshop.


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