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Links and Trivia


Here is the place where you can find links to all of my favorite sites. Below (after the links) you will find the trivia page. Each site listed here is a must see! Visit each, and tell then that I sent ya! The various anime sites will be listed first, and then the other non-anime sites listed last. If you have a site you would like placed on this page, feel free to e-mail me. I will be more than happy to add you. Every site has something wonderful to offer!!!! By the way....these links are in no particular order aside from the anime sites being before the non-anime sites. So, with that said...On with the links:

Do you wanna link to me? Check out these banners I have!

***This links page will be undergoing a major update within the next week. The goal is to get as many good links as possible and still keep order. Wish me luck! If you want to link here....let me know cause any anime site that shows effort is welcome!***

really great NGE page! I like this one a lot!!!

The Evangelion Otaku Page

[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike

Next Galaxy Banner GIRLZ

Next Galaxy

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The Anime Enclave (**really great place with a cool design**)

Asource for all of your anime needs

Gunbuster's Anime Database

a friendly place where all are welcome

Anime Forest

AniMonthly Magazine

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This site is really cool....

Goku and Shadador's Anime Place

Ed's Evangelion Realm

WOW! This Place Rocks!

Evangelion Overdose

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The MangaPalace (Great design ..lots of stuff to do and see..A must see!)

Join us at Dragon's Shrine to Tenchi TV

Dragon's Masaki Shrine of Tenchi Muyo!

Anime Links, At Their Interactive Best.

Anime Grove

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GeoCities Anime Project

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Starr's Home Page Of Fantasy and Art

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Anime Manga Internet Directory

This one is really good!




Tasuki's Anime Page

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