Escaflowne Character Profiles

WARNING!!! There may be some plot spoilers ahead..nothing drastic but still some... continue at your own risk!!

Hitomi Kanzaki

Hitomi Kanzaki: This fifteen year old heroine of the story is from Japan. She is an athletic girl (member of her high school track team) and has a hobby of reading fortunes using tarot cards and a pendant (which was given to her by her grandmother). Hitomi is whisked away to a mysterious world when she quite literally runs into Van Fanel (Future King of Fanelia) who has mysteriously traveled to earth in order to slay a dragon. While on Gaea, Hitomi is faced with war, love, and loss. Her powers of fortune telling and dowsing (which she uses the pendant for) increase while in Gaea, but she gradually moves away from using such things and learns to depend on her heart. Voice by: Maaya Sakamoto

Van Fanel

Van Fanel: 15 year old King of Fanelia, a small rural kingdom on Gaea. He is often brash, impulsive, moody, and arrogant, but he has a good heart. His father died 12 years ago and his mother disappeared 10 years ago when his brother disappeared during a dragon hunt which was to be his last task before becoming king. It is during a similar dragon hunt that Van meets Hitomi and their adventures are set in motion. Van is the pilot of Fanelia's Protector God Escaflowne, an Ispano Guymelef bound to him by a blood contract executed near the beginning of the series using the Dragu-Energist he obtained in his dragon hunt. He is the main focus and main male character in the series. Voice by: Tomokazu Seki

Allen Schezar

Allen Schezar: One of the twelve "Heavenly Knights" of Asturia and an incredible swordsman. He is a dashing ladies man who often steals the hearts of all females in his general presence. He looks an incredible amount like Susumu Amano (Hitomi's crush) which leads Hitomi to also fall for him. Under his smooth exterior lies a broken interior involving his family as well as a forbidden love in his past. Allen is the pilot of the Guymelef Scheherazade and is feared by most who happen to cross his path. He joins Hitomi and Van on their journeys after his fort is attacked by the Zaibach army who are in search of Escaflowne and its pilot. Voice by: Shinichiroh Miki

Folken Fanel

Folken Fanel:  Voice by: Jouji Nakata

Dilandau Albatou

Dilandau Albatou:  Voice by: Minami Takayama


Merle: Van's companion and playmate. She was found by Balgus (Royal Samurai and grand swordsman) at infancy and brought into the royal entourage. This 13 year old cat girl is very possessive of Van; especially when Hitomi is around. Merle is from Irini, a small town in the kingdom of Fanelia.

Voice by: Ikue Ohtani

Millerna Aston

Millerna Sara Aston:  Voice by: Mayumi Iizuka


Dornkirk:   Voice by: Masato Yamanouchi

Other Characters:   ***Click on the name link to see a picture (if available)


Susumu Amano - Star of the mens track team at Hitomi's High School. He is the boy whom Hitomi has a crush on. He bares an unbeleivable resemblance to Allen Schezar. Voice by: Shinichiro Miki

Uchida Yukari - Hitomi's bestfriend and track manager. Voice by: Mayumi Iizuka

Hitomi's Mom - Quite simply.. her mom. Voice by: Natsumi Sasaki

Hitomi's Grandmother - Named Yuri in Yuzuru Yashiro's shoujo manga version of Escaflowne, she visited Gaea as a youth. Her connection to Gaea is through Allen's father (Leon). She helps guide Hitomi during difficult times from beyond the grave in the form of her teeneage self.  Voice by: Sachiko Miki


Balgus - Royal Samuri and superior swordsman. Took care of the young Van until his untimely demise during the attack on Fanelia. He was also Allen's teacher which is why Allen is so good and well known. Voice by: Tesshou Genda

Goau Fanel - Former King of Fanelia and Van's deceased father. Voice by: Akio Ohtsuka

Varie Fanel - Last known fulled blooded decendant of the race known as Ryujin (Dragon Clan) and Van's mother. She dissappeared years ago after her older son dissappeared during his dragon hunt. She sometimes helps both Van and Hitomi from beyond the grave. Voice by: Yoshiko Sakakihana


Grava Efud Aston - King of Asturia and father of Millerna, Eries, and Marlene. Voice by: Tamio Ohki

Eries Aria Aston - Second Princess and older sister of Millerna. Eries has always remained the proper princess and often scolds Allen for leading her younger sister on. Voice by: Yuri Amano

Marlene Erisha Aston-Freid - First Princess of Asturia and older sister to Eries and Millerna. Married Mahad Freid (Duke of Freid) and had a son - Chid Freid. She died 2 years later leaving a mystery and a forebidden love behind. Voice by: Sakurako Kishiro

Dryden Fassa - A weathly merchant and Millerna's fiance. He helps fix Escaflowne when it is seriously damaged in battle. He mentally fights to win his fiance's heart from Allen. Voice by: Juurouta Kosugi

Serena Schezar - Sister of Allen Schezar. 15 years old. Dissappeared as a child. Was physically altered into the Dragon Hunter - Dilandau Albatou, but manages to return to her normal.. female.. self.  Voice by: Minami Takayama

Gadeth - Memeber of the Crusades Crew (Allen's flying ship). Voice by: Ohkawa Tooru

Leon Schezar - Allen's father who left his home and family in search of the power of Atlantis and a young girl he met while on his journeys (Hitomi's Grandmother). Voice by: Takaya Haji

Encia Schezar - Allen's mother... died after his father and sister both were gone leaving Allen alone. Voice by: Miyuki Ichijyou

Meiden Fassa - Dryden's father. Put a bounty on Hitomi's head which gets her kiddnapped by gecko men. Voice by: Osamu Saka

Mole Man - Attacks Hitomi for her pendant when she first arrives in Asturia. He is a prisoner of Allen's fort but joins everyone on their journeys. He is very helpful at times as well as friendly. Voice by: Cha Furin


Mahad Freid - Duke of Fried. Widowed husband of Marlene and supposid father of Chid. Voice by: Hiroshi Nakano

Chid Freid - Becomes a young Duke of Freid when his father is killed in the battle with Zaibach. Looks and acts a large amount like Allen Schezar. Voice by: Minami Takayama

Voris - Voice by: Shouzou Iizuka

Praktu - name given to the group of Freid high priests. One in particular attamps to visit in order to interrogate a Zaibach prisoner, but he is killed before he reaches Freid and his body is taken over by Zongi. Voice by: Fumihiko Tachiki


Zongi - Deceptant - they take over the bodies of others in war. They live in war and die in war. Zongi gets discusted with his life when he accidently kills his brother. Folken takes him under his wing and lets him to jobs for him. Zongi takes over the body of Praktu and goes to Freid to avoid a leak from the captured Zaibach soldier. He has an unexpected experience with Hitomi that leaves him scared for his life. Voice by: Shirozawa Kaneto

Jajuka - Dog-like creature that looked after Serena/Dilandau. Voice by: Kouji Tsujitani

Naria - younger of twin leapard girls who are saved from a mob by Folken. Both are extremely loyal to Folken as well as jealous of each other for his affection. She is gold while her sister is silver. Voice by: Narumi Hidaka

Eriya - older of the twin leapard girls. Both are extremely loyal to Folken as well as jealous of each other for his affection. She is silver while her sister is gold. Voice by: Yuri Amano

Migel Labariel - Memeber of Dilandau's Dragon Slayers... captured by Allen and Van and held in a Freid prison. Killed by Zonji when he tried to escape. Voice by: Taiki Matsuno

Shester - Memeber of Dilandau's Dragon Slayers... is killed during a battle with Van. Voice by: Yamaguchi Kappei

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