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Notes, comments, and updates:

Last Updated: 10/17/98

Got almost all of the profile section up. It includes character Seiyuu as well .

Updated: 09/29/98

Started Character Profiles and Storyline. Also the image gallery for Van is up. All links should go somewhere and no images should be broken. If you find any broken links or images...please let me know.

Updated: 09/28/98

Added a message board for Escaflowne! Please visit it and tell us your thoughts on the show!

Updated: 09/25/98

Well...this place is moving pretty slowly, but I have gotten part of the music up as well as some pics for Hitomi and Van & Hitomi. Oh..I also have some links up and if you want to be added...let me know.

Updated: 09/11/98

Welcome to my new Vision of Escaflowne page. I know that most people don't care but I would like to just say that this series has quickly grown to be my absolute favorite even passing up Neon Genesis. I went to a back to school screening for JACO (Japanese Animation Club of Orlando) and they showed the first episode. I was in awe. I loved it! I immediately ran out and got anything that I could get my hands on that involved Escaflowne. That was two weeks ago. I now have 7 vols. of the series (fansubbed I'm sure) and two CDs. And believe me, this is only the beginning. It is an addiction. Maybe I should form VOEA (Vision of Escaflowne Anonymous) and make it a club. Would anyone join? Would anyone help out? Does this already exist? Someone let me know. K?

Anime Village will be selling Vision of Escaflowne and they have a great deal going on for the first month or so and will be selling a box set with special box art. Want details? CLICK HERE

This Vision of Escaflowne Ring site is owned by: Misato

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