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This is a temporary format, but I wanted to get the links up for you to check out!


Personal Web Pages Related to Escaflowne:

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Matt's Escaflowne Page


THE Vision of Escaflowne Page by  Stephanie

.o0(Vision of Escaflowne)0o. ~ Da Fifth Elements~

Anime Interactive's Escaflowne Page


Fan-Fictions and Stories

Escaflowne: Leavetakings - A Fanfic Continuation


Webrings, mailing lists, and posting boards related to Escaflowne:

Folken Fanel Posting Board

Vision of Escaflowne Ring : Escaflowne mailing list talking about Escaflowne and Escaflowne related things. If you have aol... you might have trouble getting in. If you do... e-mail me and I'll see what I can do to get you on it.

Places to Shop and Buy Escaflowne Stuff:

Anime Village . Com: Videos

Anime Crash: Has some art books as well as some other stuff

My World Anime Direct: Wall scrolls, Import CDs, and Import T-Shirts


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