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On this page you will find the music for the Vision of Escaflowne series as well as the lyrics to the songs when available. This page will deal mostly with the midi format, but I will also have some songs in wav format. I will not supply music in the MP2 or MP3 format due to rules and regulations of the server and some webrings and banner exchanges. I will however try to add links to other pages which do have MP2 and MP3 files for you to download and enjoy. The files here have been collected from several places all over the web. If something here is yours...let me know. Also...all songs, titles, characters, blah blah blah are all copyright to their respective owners. Please respect this and do not use anything here for commercial purposes. Buy the CDs and Enjoy!

Midi Formats:

Yakusoku wa Iranai - opening song sung by Hitomi - TV version

Yakusoku wa Iranai - open song sung by Hitomi - long version

Poketto wo kara ni shite - Empty the pocket

Shadow of Doubt- short version

Shadow of Doubt - Long version

The Vision of Escaflowne


Hitomi Theme

.Wav Files

no files are currently here. If you find any and would like to donate....I would appreciate it.

MP2 & MP3 Links

please check back...will add links soon

CD info and Song Lyrics

not here yet, but really soon.