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Welcome to the Vision of Escaflowne Picture Gallery. Here is where you will find all the pictures, posters, and image captures that I have to offer. Please feel free to take anything from here that interests you. Most of these images (aside from the image captures) were found elsewhere on the web. I do request a link back to my site if you use anything from my page on your own web page, but that is about all (unless it is fan art and then I want credit for myself or whoever the artist was). All images here are copyright to there respective owners and should never be used for commercial purposes. I place these images here for the viewing pleasure of both new and old fans. If you are a "respective owner" and would like them removed....inform me and I will do so.

BTW..does anyone have a link to Sunrise and Bandai..I'd like to put the links up for those as well....

Due to the large # of pictures, I have separated them by type according to who is in each picture. Please click on the type in order to move forward to the pictures.


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Hitomi & Van


Hitomi & Allen

Hitomi & Merle

Van & Merle




friends, family, & others

Bad Guys

group shots not already mentioned