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Tenku No Escaflowne (Escaflowne of the Sky) also known as The Vision of Escaflowne was a 26 episode TV series that aired in Japan from April 2nd to September 24, 1996. This is a series that combines the shojo manga style with a mecha punch. The backdrop is fantasy based with knights and sword fights, but the best fighters pilot giant mecha called Guymelefs. The story revolves around one girl from Earth and her adventures on the mysterious planet called Gaea. The heroine of the story, Hitomi Kanzaki, has an unusual gift of being able to read the future from visions she has and reading tarot cards. Her gift increases while on the mysterious planet, but she gradually pulls away from it in exchange for trusting her heart. The story is about a power struggle during a growing world war, and Hitomi is thrown into the heart of it based on her ability and her connection with the planets inhabitants...especially the pilot of the Escaflowne.


Vision 1:

Hitomi Kanzaki is a fifteen year old girl from Japan. She is an athletic girl (member of her high school track team) and has a hobby of reading fortunes using tarot cards and a pendant (which was given to her by her grandmother). Yukari (Hitomi's bestfriend and manager) and Amano is the star sprinter on the mens track team that Hitomi has a huge crush on. One day while running in the time trials for a race, Hitomi has a vision of a young man standing directly in her lane. She is scared by this but continues to run and passes right through him. She then passes out. When she comes to, she sees that she is being accompanied by Amano. Before anything can happen between them, Yukari enters the room, and spoils all the fun. That evening, Yukari tells Hitomi that Amano will be leaving the country and if she loves him.... she should tell him or she will regret it. So, the next day she confesses her love by asking Amano to be her first kiss if she can run 100 meters in 13 seconds. He accepts and she prepairs to run. While running, a column of light appears and the boy from her previous vision appears again. Hitomi continues to run until she reaches the mysterious boy. Rather than running right through him, this time Hitomi hits him and bounces backward to the ground. He looks at her like she is crazy, then he warns her that a dragon is coming and she should run. The boy battles the dragon, but is saved from certain death when Hitomi warns him of danger she saw in another one of her visions.  The boy, who has introduced himself as Van Fanel, extracts a rose colored crystal from the dragon and admires his prize. While Hitomi is standing near him, the crystal (Dragu-Energist) glows and opens another collumn of light which whisks Hitomi and Van to another place; a planet where the Earth and the Moon can be seen in the sky.


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